claruoswald and gallifreystars present:


#info {

basically this is a network where members can discuss, teach and learn and have fun with HTML! What better way than with a bunch of other cool people?


#requirements {

we would prefer if you have coded at least one theme, page, etc. but as said above, all levels welcome

it would also be nice if you could follow Jackie’s and Rory’s theme blogs/ regular blogs but this is optional

if you are picked you may be asked for your email so we can add you to the network


#what we are looking for {

original theme making

pretty much it!


#to enter {

reblog this post once

reblog until September 18th

you can like it to bookmark it :)

track the tag #codedrops to see updates!


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We will pick members on September 25th


“The dance between darkness and light will always remain— the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.” ― C. JoyBell C.


Hiya, welcome to the Sweater Network!

[info] With autumn about to begin, Rory and I thought we’d make a network for those of us who love autumn and/or winter <3

[to enter] Must be following Rory and Prerna; please reblog this post until October 1st (you can like to bookmark) c:

[once you’re accepted] We’ll send you a message asking for your email to add you to the network and it would be appreciated if you could follow some of the other members as well!

[other] Members will be picked by October 8th. You can track #sweaternet to see any updates about the network :)

my friends have always been the best of me

Q: do you have any other social medias?

Yes I do, however I don’t really use them and I am not quite comfortable posting them outright for everyone to see :/ but if we are mutual you could ask for my snapchat or email or something I guess? Like I said though I don’t really use them that much oopsie!s  Thank you for the question by the way love :3 makes me happy xo

have you any idea what that’s like?


Tea by Anna Dittmann.


 Ho u s e   S t a r k


Peter Capaldi for Radio Times (x)